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[QUOTE=squawk77;19727575]I carry the iPhone for internet etc, but it won't work with my gloves on. How do you use the iPad with gloves? Special gloves or voice command or something? Can you still see your gauges? Is that an extra 20L? That would give an F800GS a range of 900kms or so? I always carry a few 1L jugs and then add 5L jug if worried. Would 10L have been enough?

900km? Nope. The 800 has a 16 liter tank, and riding at 130 kph gives me about 300ish km. The extra 20 liter was needed a couple of times. Off road on the Canol road the fuel mileage improved, but the nearest gas station was 5-6 hrs of riding each way and a ferry ride.

For the iPad I now use carbon glue soaked through my index fingers of my riding gloves. This conducts through the gloves onto the iPad.
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