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"Need to flush out old brake fluid for new. Any recommendations? " Tete said.

BMW specifies type 4 brake fluid. In an emergency you can use type 3 it is compatible with 4. It is a pretty straight forward job. One person can do it usually on these bikes. Crack the bleed nipple on the caliper and give a few squeezes of the brake lever. Close nipple and add brake fluid to Master Cylinder. Keep this up until the fluid coming out of the caliper is all new fluid then do it for a little longer to make sure then wrap it up. Wash all spilt brake fluid off with soapy water and rinse well, brake fluid is water soluble. If any brake fluid gets on painted surface while you are doing this rinse it off immediately. Brake fluid will eat paint, and some other things, usually plastic things. It doesn't hurt metals much but could discolor Aluminum I guess.

One point to remember is to not let all the fluid be pumped out of the MC at any time. If the MC runs dry there can be air introduced and you don't want that to happen. Make sure you add fresh fluid before the MC is too low.
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