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Not unless CARB gets defunded or dismantled, and that's never gonna happen in this liberal state. Them and the Coastal Commision just need to be shut down. I'm sure not holding my breath.

You're not gonna get a plate for anything that doesn't have a certification from California Air Resources Board. And it costs about thirty grand to get one.

BMW f'd that up when they came out with the G450X so they couldn't sell them here. By the time they got their cert everybody had already figured out they were just so-so, and it killed the model. Ship everything over to Husqvarna and let them build dualsports.

KTM had TWO models in 2007, basically the same bike: 450 and 525 EXC. Same for '08 I think, then the bigger bikes came along.

It's a California scam.

BTW, they're all wrong over there. If the bike doesn't have a CARB certification sticker saying it's legal for on highway use in CALIFORNIA you cannot plate it here. Unless you find an idiot dmv clerk or can fudge paperwork. Or pay off a dmv agent. Some of the below board stuff gets done all the time.

Get a plate in AZ and ride it here. Till you get caught. Then take it back to AZ.

EDIT: They finally got it right over on the other thread. Bottom line is you can't get a plate on a bike after 2004 model year that isn't CARB certified. Unless it's a mistake, which does happen all the time. So guys keep trying, some get them. And some get them and then they get taken away. LOL.

If the bike has over 7500 miles and you're moving here from another state, and it was licensed in that other state, and it has Federal EPA sticker, you can get it plated.

Also, the light certification thing is easly gotten form CHIP or even an authorized dealer/light inspector. It's just an affidavit you file with the title application.
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