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We used to be more active I think. A couple of lunches every year, but we don't do that any more. Or they just don't tell me about it.

The Maryland Airheads are an out growth of the abc or Airheads. We have an Air Marshal. His name is Lance. I'll send you more info in a PM.

Lance has been complaining I think about other stuff so maybe it will be good for him to hear from you. You can tell him I gave you his info.

We do have one tech day every year that is pretty much the one everybody gets to. It's in the Spring and is called Tech No Barn. There is sometimes another Tech Day somewhere but the one in the Spring is pretty regular.

I think a lot of the guys have been doing camp outs and stuff together. Some usually make the Tent Float in Pennsylvania and they go camping at Summit Point and watch the races.

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