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Originally Posted by Kali Trailrider View Post
You will need three things... and will need to have a vehicle inspection

#1) All the lights, turn signals, horn, mirror, ect. to be street legal.
Any highway vehicle needs this to be legal.

#2). Ca street legal emissions certification sticker -(not off highway ca certified)
CARB - EPA thing

#3). Federal safety certification label (sticker).
Certifies brakes-gas tank- tires and other things

and I guess one last thing... You must have the pink slip/title with you when you do this.
You will need to surrender your off highway title and they will issue you a new Motorcycle title.

If you don't have all these things in order at the window you will be turned away.

Can't post the link right now but it's on the DMV website.

Can it be done. YES..!!

DMV staff training can work in your favor sometimes.
If at first you don't succeed try a different office.
Technically you are correct. But it's moot cause the only bikes that have those stickers are already factory plated unless you forged your own stickers.
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