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We've had recurring "I hate the BMW 3 switches for turn signals" threads.. you just can't please everyone and the moto press whined incessantly about the BMW layout.

I preferred the 2 paddles to the "traditional" and now bmw adopted system. But... why oh why did they need a separate cancel switch? Harley uses the same concept as the BMW turn signal paddles, but to cancel the signal, you just push the same turn signal button again. Very simple, and I've never heard any moto journo's complain about that setup.

Btw, with the new setup, unless you have very big hands, you need to have your left hand on the edge of the rotary controller in order to reach the horn button urgently. On the K16, my thumb wasn't long enough to reach the horn button - because the rotary controller is in the way - unless I had my hand right up against rotary dial. My glove size is 9.

Read the love / hate here:
Pushing the paddle again wouldn't work on my bike as mine has auto cancel after a certain distance of riding so sometimes I want to keep them on by hitting them again before they self cancel.

All the gear.. no idea!
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