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Originally Posted by Cisco_k View Post
Reflections on riding my motorcycle in Colombia

But, and this is a big but, I am beginning to arrive at the conclusion that the drivers are much safer because they have a much greater situational awareness. There isn’t the attitude that is found in the states that one owns their lane and space and that no one better interfere with them as they ride along in their cocoon insulated from the world and texting or talking on their cell phones. The drivers really seem to look out for each other and know the moves to expect from the other drivers.
Pretty interesting to see your point of view regarding this. It is exactly the same as I. a local in Latin America used to the way traffic "moves" here, see it. Besides, after a while of riding/driving in those seemingly lawless conditions, you start to develop some kind of a sixth sense about what you can and cannot do safely and you are more aware of your riding surroundings.
I've ridden all over South America and have never felt so vulnerable riding a bike that through downtown San Francisco (yeah, the one in CA ) where cagers behaved exactly as you describe with no awareness of the bike next to them... It's like a lot of drivers in America don't understand that if you hit a bike with your car, the outcome will probably be ugly.

People say that riding in Latin America is more dangerous than in the US. I'd say it is not... It is US the riders that make it more dangerous by doing stupid things because laws are not harshly enforced.... But it sure is fun

I'm really enjoying your comments and particular point of view of the new places you are riding through. Thanks for taking the time to post!
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