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Originally Posted by markk53 View Post
Until you bury your 1800 GoldWing trying to cross an eastern Ohio mud bog on a trail ride....

Doesn't make much sense to use an 8 lb sledge when you need to loosen a 10 mm bolt. Now whether you use a box end, open end, ratchet and socket, or crescent wrench is another story..

The motorcycle may just be tools, but it takes close to the right type of tool for the job

Of course that is up to the rider... who may be a tool!
I think that whatever turns a riders screws is the bike he should own....what he tries to do with it tho is another thing (Goldwing+Ohio mud bog? ). I've known guys who ride old school dual shock 6 inch travel dual sports in the dirt and love them, along with the cutting edge dual sport riders, converted mx bikes (which I've done), little bikes like the op, and big ole adventure bikes in places I thought they should never go. They all seem to have the same amount of fun with the tools they're using

I prefer a dirt-oriented 400 to 650 dual-sport with e-start, more so the 650 nowadays because my bikes never get hauled, and since I live in the middle of a huge amount of off-road riding, I like the 650's smooth easy highway nature to go 5 minutes or 5 days from home, and still be dirt-worthy fun for my 6'3" frame. I would never fit on a 230, but a 230 rider would prolly never fit on my 37 inch high 650 either. Thats why there's a bike out there for everyone

I long ago quit questioning why folks didn't ride like me......I'm just glad they ride, and glad to ride with them and have a ball
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