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Wednesday 9/5

The route now heads south towards the highest peaks in the Alps, but it will take a few days of playing on some great roads to get there. Todayís route took us up the highest peak in the Vosges in France, at 4672 feet, and once part of the Tour De France.

The Vosges are very similar to the Smokyís in topography, the roads are plentiful and as good as the best NC roads, with one BIG difference, other vehicles pull over to let you by, and you can pass almost everywhere, with no fear of a ticket. The Europeans assume if you are smart enough to drive, you are smart enough to figure out where it is safe to overtake

The ride on the way up the Grand Ballon.

The GOPRO is a great little camera, but next time I would find a different way to mount it, on rough roads it bounces too much, on a helmet the movement can be distracting, and the sound is not as good, too much wind noise, or if you use the closed back, just muted sound. Music overdubs take away some of the sense of the road.

Col du Bagenelles

Not a lot of picís this day, as it stayed overcast, but stayed dry. This area of France has numerous cemeteryís, full of French, German and Americanís as the area switched hands numerous times through the years, as recent as WWII. Also some Museums, which we visited, back in í07 and í09, so we did not stop this trip.

At a late morning stop for Cappuccino on top of one of the peaks we arrived as this was leaving.

It would not be my color of choice. There is a lot of strange auto colors in the area, on some very expensive cars, a bunch of flat black, flat OD green and flat browns. They look like they forgot to put the color coat on, after applying primer! Donít get it myself, but to each his own.

Arrived at our next hotel a little late, and had a great view from our room, that is Switzerland on the other side of the valley.

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