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I prefer a dirt-oriented 400 to 650 dual-sport with e-start, more so the 650 nowadays because my bikes never get hauled, and since I live in the middle of a huge amount of off-road riding, I like the 650's smooth easy highway nature to go 5 minutes or 5 days from home, and still be dirt-worthy fun for my 6'3" frame. I would never fit on a 230, but a 230 rider would prolly never fit on my 37 inch high 650 either. Thats why there's a bike out there for everyone

I long ago quit questioning why folks didn't ride like me......I'm just glad they ride, and glad to ride with them and have a ball
Yeah, good points. I said above if there were a 300L less than 280 lbs that would be what I am looking for. Weight is high on my list. When I started riding, most of the two stroke primitive dual sports were much lighter than the bikes today.

You and others probably rip on your 650s. I have been surprised this summer how timid, scared, and slow the 650 class riders were except my buddy on his 690. And we saw how in the very tight and narrow mountian environment the characteristics of the little 'dog' 230L were superior and much faster than a nice expensive enduro motorcycle. Really, I have observed 650 dual sport riders to be so timid on gravel roads and dirt that my thoughts are I could do what they do on my old GT750!

I live surrounded by mountains, singletrack, FS roads that cross the state that I access a few miles out the County road. I bought the 230L for its tight-trail capability and believed it would work for the WABDR. It is great on both counts!

The WR250R is of interest to me for something like riding to and return from the CD from central WA, and it would have been better on some of the extended highway riding that I have done on the little 230L.

Since the beginning of August, I have done the WABDR and other trips crossing the state. On all of my trips I hit dirt, singletrack needing a capable motorcycle, and gravel roads. The little 'dog' 230L actually does it all, even loaded. Not riding fast and hucking, and not really great above 50 on highway. But all around fun! Some other motorcycles would be similar, just need to decide.

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