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Originally Posted by vernon dent View Post
oh the bike will be sold. ebay, cl, or some other web site. when i do i'll make sure i pm you so you can post it up.
some members just like to see bikes you don't see everyday, thats why i post the pictures. i don't solicit leads from these postings, nor do i imply i'm going to bring them back to running condition.
a lot of members on this site purchase motorcycles, then re-sell them just like auto/trucks, recreational vehicles, livestock, real estate, your neighbors riding mower you bought at his garage sale, etc.
yep, i buy and sell a few, no secret.

I believe that most of the people that fix, repair and up keep old motorcycles are like a loose knit family. If I had not been given some very kind free advice and been offered numerous bikes from charitable individuals, I wouldn't have the small collection that I have now (all of which I ride). Personally, I'm a little offended when I see individuals that go after exceptional deals, haggle to no end with sellers to get ultra low prices and then flip bikes for high prices.

This thread is a perfect example of that, but thank goodness the bike is now in the hands of someone that is putting some proper work into it, rather than just flipping it:

In the 90s I bought about 15-20 bikes for between free and $300. I turned around and sold most of those bikes to people in my local motorcycle community for the price I paid, or for slightly more to cover my cost only. One of the last bikes I sold was a fairly amazing specimen that I had purchased for $300, with a number of problems. I took the bike completely apart, did some work, but didn't complete the bike before I decided to move to another state. I sold this bike to a young man that was trying to get started on vintage bikes with his first purchase. I sold it to him for $600, a fraction of what it was worth, but an amount that respected the price I had purchased the bike for, and who it was going to. When I returned home a couple years later, one of the local shop openers came and told me to my face that I had been silly to sell such a bike for such a low price, and that he had gouged every penny out of the poor kid to finish fixing the bike, to the extent of $2000. He was proud of how he had made money off a new individual into the community, I was horrified.

I believe the interconnectivity of the web has grossly inflated the profit margin on vintage motorcycle, as well as the resulting prices. Personally, I think this is a shame, as I see this as people who put money above the love of motorcycles and above working to keep the local and global motorcycle communities alive. For every post like the Kawasaki Triple post, I feel saddened by people's greed and selfishness, but those that are motivated by money are not the types to care about my opinion. I guess I'll have to keep throwing free shows for my local community and trying to broker vintage motorcycle sales at reasonable prices. Anyone want a R50/2 at a reasonable price and promises to ride it instead of flipping it on ebay?

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