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Originally Posted by pjturbo View Post
You can do it on the 230L. I have a XT-225 that goes everywhere my friends on bigger KTMs go just slower. Last year one of my old, (we're both in our 70s), friends and I took my xt and his 230L to the San Juan Mts. and road all the high passes. The KTMs got to the top quicker but we had a ball.

Side note, the 230L did not have to be rejetted for the elevation.

Thanks Phil. One of my main worries is that the little dog 230L will be terrible at altitude.. but you saw them do OK, cool.

Yeah, I am 55 and still strong enough to think I can but unfortunately not as flexible as even a decade ago... But I still like that throttle and whatever I ride...will be wound out at times So there is a margin of safety with the 230L or a 250 that is worth considering- especially since I am almost always solo, as I have all of my life, even on gnarly stuff.

Those fast KTMs get left behind by a 230L on the narrow, tight, and gnarly...seen it, lived it BUT, don't care, I ride for me, and ride solo. I really enjoy the scenery, the history, the trip, some folks along the way, the camp. I have no unfulfilled other needs to try to cure with the bigge$t toy or useless roosting followed by hard braking. If I had $1 for every foot that I wheelied on the '70s I could buy a few motorcycles with that! Now I am grown up and have other interests.

How much skill does it take to go smoothly and qulckly on dirt with an underpowered and undersuspended motorcycle, and enjoy it? Perhaps a bit more than the opposite situation.

Edit to add-

Phil I see you live near Pugetopolis. I spent time as a smoke refugee (major fires 50k acres in my county, could not see the sun!) two weeks ago and went from Naches Pass through Seattle for a REI stop, to the ferry out to the coast twice. Sure is a longer trip on the 230L when taking the route to avoid the I-90. I-5, and I-405! But I must say that in that nice clear weather western WA is quite beautiful!

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