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I am certain I didn't reverse the fuel out and return lines to the tank, one of the lines is marked, and on top of that this morning I pulled off the fuel in line at the right TB and when I turned on the cutoff switch, I had a solid stream of fuel coming out.

There is no hissing sound when I open the fuel filler, I am relatively certain the problem is not just that I have a clogged breather line if that's where you're going. When I blew it out the air flowed freely.

It's possible the metallic grinding is unrelated to the stalling, however it is certainly tied to the bike dying, so that would mean the dying and rough idling are a new, separate problem from the hesitation

I used the bosch plugs that the BMW dealer sold me for the bike, and did not gap them, I installed them as is

That is correct nothing I have done has remedied the problem, it was there before and got worse.

I definitely agree something is wrong with the TB screw being in so far. I used a mercury manometer to sync the TB's, first equalling the levels by adjusting the throttle cables, then adjusting the air screws to get the proper idle while keeping the sync

One thing I am uncertain of is when I removed the fuel pump plate from the tank I forgot to mark the relative orientation. I reinstalled it so that the fuel pump sits forward and horizontal once everything is put back together. I think it's OK because when I fill the tank up the RID reads full gas, although it reads empty at 5 gallons on a 7 gallon tank.

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