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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Have you ever a ridden modern performance off road bike? You know, something that weighs as much or less than your 230, with 2-3x as much power, and with good suspension and brakes? You are absolutely kidding yourself when you say that a KTM will be left behind if you make the motorcycle the variable and not the rider.

If you enjoy your 18 blistering horses on a gravel and dirt road that's cool, but there is a reason why most people (who can afford it) would rather ride something else.

And before I hear the "too much maintenance" argument again, you need to educate yourself. For a modern 450-570 KTM/Berg a 10 minute oil change every couple of thousand kilometers should really not be a serious factor.
Valid what you say. But you do not consider what I have described. But lots of assumption and perhaps some derision? Your ego would have been bruised if It was you that I waited for on the tight and gnarly with you on your $10K KTM. Personally, I do not care and do not need to be condescending to others to prop my teutonic ego...

Not surprised that you are yet another condescending, superior KTM cheeleader posting like this. 'If I could afford it.' A88hole. Your are probably stuck living in a 600 sq ft apartment all of your life and driving a little clown car. F'n uppity Euro- wildly jealous of those with wealth and freedom, and of those who own their own property!

Just post elsewhere KTM jerks- not all are like that, my buddy who rides a KTM is not like that at all.
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