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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
It seems I have hit a nerve? It's ok man, I still live in my parents basement, listen to a lot of Euro trash music and I have a very small penis. Now that this is out in the open let's leave your closed minded political BS aside and get back to discussing bikes.

In order for this argument to make any sense you are going to have to take the rider out of the equation. We all know that a better rider will trump a better bike each time, but that's not the point. Your skills are your skills, whether I am going to put you on a KTM or a 230L.

Let me ask again, have you tried out a modern 400-570 KTM/Husaberg/whatever performance off road bike? I don't think you have, because then you could not honestly tell me that you have more fun on your 230L. And you would not ask the question why many riders enjoy faster bikes on gravel and dirt routes.
Trust me, the nerves are close to the surface on this one. I have already been on the receiving end of a nasty gram.
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