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I think Ruksta is right as long as you are not altering the front end too much but you do need to to take into account the length of your front forks as this sets the geometry ( ie longer forks alter the rake and trail )for instance on my bike from the bottom face of the bottom steering head bearing to the axle bolt is 71 cm (28 inch) My forks have 300mm of fork travel, had I kept the rear suspension mount in the same place as standard (I think about 34 cm) the swing arm even with added 100 mm of travel would have sat at a much lesser angle and gave much less travel ( I have not worked it out sorry) but the rear of the bike would also be sitting lower, the frame sloped back more than it should and the rake at the front slightly increased - unless of course you are using a shorter front end set up - which then starts to beg the question why are you bothering at all to do any alterations. I set my rear suspension mount points 28 cm (11inch) back from the swing arm mount ( to give a steeper drop 13.5 degrees on the swing arm and give like I said 230 mm of travel on the rear axle ( HPN push that to 240 mm of travel and 14 degrees off centre line on the shaft).Of course its all horses for courses everyone needs to do whats right for them but these figures and calculations are from my set up and seem to work well.
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