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Originally Posted by ADVNCW View Post

You are correct I have not bought or ridden a 'modern' high performance motorcycle- that type of bike and riding is not what I am interested in doing. Most guys that I see use those expensive rides to do the same as I do on my CRF230L, faster in the open of course- but I think, what is the point, I ride the same stuff on a less expensive motorcycle just fine.

It would take a lot of good hard data/ convincing/ real advantage for me to put down $10k for a dual purpose motorcycle. I could, I have the cash, but at my age I just do not see why I should unless there is a real advantage. With the mechanical and maintenance issues I see negatives, not advantage for the Euro bikes or even the CRF- X.
Ever heard of a used motorcycle? One does not have to drop 10k to have a better bike.

And in regards to your "if it was a 300 with better suspension" comment,

If it was it would cost $1000 more and you fuckers would bitch it was too high strung and you could get a drz
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