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Originally Posted by russbryant View Post
Sandblast should be a walk in the park for you next time around and I bet you'll be a fair bit quicker too

So what are Paul's motivations for the Rally? I had assumed he is doing it for the sheer fun and of course drumming up business for his bikes/frames. Does he expect the bikes to be competitive with the new lighter, faster bikes?

I suspect he does wish they were competitive, although his stated goals were to do the best we could and have fun. Which I did, anyway
Perhaps I'm reading too much into it- meaning maybe he's not as disappointed as I believe him to be. I think that he thinks they could be, in the right hands.

I know at heart he's a very competitive guy. As far as drumming up business, he seems far less inclined to talk at length about the details. But he does like to race, and wants to be involved. Thats the big one right there. He tells me that Craig Bounds (DAkar guy, came in 14th overall at Safari) actually asked if he (paul) wanted to sell the bike there and then, and the awards dinner. Paul was reluctant, but offered to build one up for him, in any case.

It would be interesting to see if I can get any faster at Sandblast... it would be my 7th start of that one. I seriously doubt I'll see serious improvement. Since the first big jump its been pretty mild advances, if any.

Granted, if I'd had more than one gear last year, and if the previous two years hadnt been so thickly laden with foot deep concrete... maybe if all goes well this year... haha! what are the chances :

At least I've finally got some real competition
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