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How many miles on it? Might try to find another one to compare it to. You can also measure the stiffness by rigging a small fish scale. Whatever you do don't lube the cable as that will cause the nylon liner to swell and make it drag. The only thing you can try is checking to see if there's crap between the grip and bar making it hard to turn.

I had to replace my first throttle cable at 18k due to an accident, it must have swung the bars against the stops and kinked it. It isn't too hard to replace but the tank needs to come off.
I took the bar end weight off and sprayed WD-40 on the throttle bearing surface. Voila ! I'd prefer some grease but not sure how to get it in there. I have a brand new R1200RT so I knew the GSA throttle was not right.

Regarding the braking when turning , the tires are fairly new and not cupped. Are there actual pins that the caliper slides on, like a car ? I don't have the repair manuals yet.
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