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Originally Posted by pcwirepro View Post
Hmmm. Does the '96 have stick coils? I'm liking the loss of spark idea though. Could explain the "burst of compressed air" the OP heard.
No sticks on oilheads, thank goodness. However, it might be wise to check coil impedance with a VOM to insure there is adequate voltage to the plugs. Also, check the plug wires. I don;t know if your vintage has carbon wires but, have a look in a dark place at night with the engine at idle. You'll see corona if wires are leaky. Did you replace any in-the-tank fuel lines? Those lines can crack with age and leave your high pressure side with low fuel pressure. The poor driveability is especddially noticeable at higher RPMs when fuel pressure and full flow is needed. Also, next time, don't buy the Bosch plugs. Too costly. Autolite 3923s are preferred by pre dual-spark boxer owners. They're about $2.00 each and allow the gap to be adjusted with the traditional over-the-end ground electrode. Also, the Autolites improve cold starts and have been known to reduce surging somewhat.
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