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Originally Posted by killfile View Post
Yes, thank god that bike is in Rick's hands now. He fixes them up and sells his work for a profit, which is very different than buy a bike and simply passing it along for 5x the price.
I don't see how you can say the net has brought prices down. It has made parts more available and easier to find, but they are at a premium now. This price increase has filtered down to even the swamp meets out here, where every Tom Dick and Harry thinks the rusty parts they bring to the swaps are coated in gold.

Vernon paid a low amount for the bike and then sold it to someone else for 5x the price, without doing a single thing to it. From this post, I'm assuming that's common behavior for him, hence my post.

Valleyrider is right, good luck with the crank seals, and don't forget the 1400 cc improvement while you are in there.
i don't think its brought bikes or bike parts prices down, i think now their true value is now being shown in a world market compared to a local, regional or national one.
Rick knew what i bought the bike for, he also knew its inherent value. i've bought motorcycles that i know people have bought for a fraction of what i paid them for it, but i wanted the bike. and like Brett, i sold them and made a profit.
if you gauge your behavior in everyday life based on how much someone is making off you, i don't know how you survive. especially in san francisco.
i'm familiar with the gear box issues inherent in the earlier t500's. it won't be an issue for me.
I only ride 'em. I don't know what makes 'em work.
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