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Originally Posted by killfile View Post
Vernon paid a low amount for the bike and then sold it to someone else for 5x the price, without doing a single thing to it.
so based on that it's safe to say that if the original owner of that train wreck of an H2 had wheeled (assuming it rolls) the bike into Rick Brett's shop and said "what will you give me for it" Rick Brett would have given him exactly what he paid for it on ebay. get real Vernon isn't gouging anyone he came across a bike in need of serious help and sold it for what someone was willing to pay for it. it's not some starter like you "sold to people in your community for the price you paid" the bike is one of the later year H2's which were made in significantly less numbers than the earlier ones and are in serious enough demand to warrant what it brought plain and simple. your not very well hidden premise that Vernon is gouging people is bullshit.
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