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Originally Posted by vecchio Lupo View Post

Just running this up the flagpole to see if somebody salutes, 81 R100 with 100k plus miles has alot of drive line lash. I suspect I am need of a final drive. Since the Bob's cost of back to perfect is about $600, I would like to explore the used/salvaged market.

I have a drum brake 32/11 final drive. I have found a pretty nice 32/10 for under $200, and was wondering will I really lose anything in the ratio change?

I will be at the Virginia British Motorcycle Club, show and swap meet in Manassas this Sunday in the hopes of spotting a serviceable final drive. Should I remain steadfast for a 32/11 or not be afraid to branch out?

Thanks, I'm sorry to go a little off topic, but you boys seem to be knowledgable and local, sort of.

A change in rear drive ratio is almost always noticeable. You will be going from a 2.91 (I think) to a 3.20 which means new gear is more grunt, more acceleration and the older gear is less rpm for higher speed, considered better on the highway. Either gear will work but your speedo is geared to the gear in the bike now so your speedo will be off. I think getting the 3.20 gear is a good interim fix. You will be able to ride the bike. You can live with an inaccurate speedo. Then as things evolve either find a correct speedo for the new gear or have older gear repaired.

Back to the subject; The Maryland Airlist which is a separate email list from the Airheads used to be a part of the ABC which is the Club with the monthly cheapo magazine that has the Oak's articles in it. But now I find no mention of Maryland's list on the ABC site. They recently revamped everything there and it may be a problem with the Web master or we may be getting the Maryland List from another source. I seem to remember something recently about things being changed. So the bottom line at this point is I don't know how you join the Maryland List..

I'm going to write to the group and if that goes through I'll have the info sometime in a day or so. If I can't get a response there I'll write Lance or Henry and see what they have to say. So just stand by for info I guess. I don't know yet what the answer is.

I suppose all of you know about the main Airlist. That is the email club with international fame that is handled through Micapeak. You should first be a member of this anyway. You join the Airlist at Micapeak;

You will have to do a number of clicks to find the page you subscribe to the "Airheads". There are a lot of other motorcycle clubs there.

There is also the ABC or the Airheads Beemer Club that costs $25 to join. This is recommended.

And finally there is BMWMOA which is where all the modern bikes are but the Airheads still have a presence.

Oh and I shouldn't forget the IBMWR. They have the most popular Web page flea market. And there is 5United which I think might be going defunked but they are /5s only.

So I'll work some more on the Maryland List and try to find you the info.

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