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OK, I got the info straight. It's been straight for some time but I was confused.

There is no page anymore that we go to to enroll in Maryland Airheads. You now write to the Maryland Air Marshall and he will add your name to the Maryland List. This way you will get the emails about Maryland events or nonevents.

Maryland Airheads is an out growth of the ABC or Airheads Beemer Club. You need to join ABC technically. However we want you to attend the Tech Days so we will send you the emails.

Write to Lance McKay and ask about becoming a Maryland Airhead.

To join the ABC, recommended, go to the Web site;

The ABC includes the monthly magazine which most of us consider worth the price because of the Tech Pages written by Oak Okleson.


BTW, there is talk about a Tech Day this Fall that started just because people were rattling their chains.
BTW2 shouldn't we have this in the local area forums in Adventure Rider. I know that's a problem because I never read stuff that is written there.
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