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Thursday 10/4: Hagerstown, MD - Chambersburg, PA

Like I said yesterday, it was sort of stupid of me to ride almost as far as SoPaRider's place, but stop so close. Well, turns out that wasn't the ONLY stupid thing I did...

It was only a 25-mile ride from Hagerstown, MD to Chambersburg, PA where I stopped briefly to chat with SoPaRider. We agreed that I'd ride over to the Gettysburg National Military Park for the afternoon, then come back to his place for the evening. And that's what I did.

OK, as for the really stupid thing I did...okay, maybe not stupid, but...

A "Near-Showstopper" for the PIC Content of this Ride Report

My camera battery was slowly discharging, as one would expect. "No sweat," I told Mrs. Greg over the phone yesterday, "I'll charge it tonight, or maybe put the spare battery in." So last night I looked for the charger and spare battery...HEY, THEY AREN'T THERE!! Now, remember that early pic with all my stuff spread out? The charger and extra battery were in that pic! I KNOW IT! So I checked again. Nothing. Hmm, this could be ugly. "Plan B" would be to take pics with the iPad, which of course I can't do while riding ("yay," says Mrs. Greg).

So I told myself when I got back to SoPaRider's place I'd thoroughly check through ALL my gear...

A PIC-Less Description of the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor Center

So I rode over to Gettysburg and thought I'd visit the "Visitors Center" at the National Military Park. That should be "do-able" in an afternoon, right? Well, turns out that it was. I paid my money (too much!), sat thru the film, then checked out this big circular painting (the "Cyclorama"), then visited the museum.

And it affected me profoundly. Mainly the museum.

BUT...I can't adequately share my thoughts with you because I can't post the pictures. And I can't post the pictures because I REALLY DID FORGET MY STUPID CAMERA BATTERY!! So my camera went "dead" before I was really finished taking pics at the museum.

And now that I'm back at SoPaRider's house working on the RR, I can't upload the pics, so I can't talk about my profound feelings, and...I'M VERY FRUSTRATED!

SoPaRider to the Rescue!

But SoPaRider said, "hey, there's a camera store in Chambersburg, PA...let's go over there and see if we can't get you a battery." Well, he drove us over there, and turns out they DIDN'T have a camera battery, but...EVEN BETTER they had a CHARGER! Even better, cuz if I had bought a battery it might not have been fully charged. Teach a man to fish...

So anyway, I'm back in business! I'll upload what pictures I WAS ABLE to take at the Visitor Center, and do my best to comment on them.

But I just don't feel like doing it tonight. Too late.

Tomorrow's Agenda at Gettysburg

So tomorrow morning I'll update the RR, with pictures and everything. Sorry (in advance) that I had to forego taking some pics I really wanted, cuz of the dead battery. That's life.

Then after that I'm hoping to ride back over to the G'burg National Military Park and riding the 24-mile "Auto Tour" route (or at least some part of it). I'll try to take what pics I can, and update the RR at SoPaRider's place when I return.

I don't honestly know how this will all work out. Tomorrow (Friday) is supposed to be nice, but the weather is going to degenerate again, and I'd like to get out of here (to the South) before the rain hits in earnest.

So I'm very happy that we found a solution to the camera battery issue (now I wonder where my original charger/battery are...Mrs. Greg says she can't find them, and I KNOW they made it home from China).

Looking forward to a good night's rest and a good day tomorrow.


PS. I'm just about of the opinion that all future Civil War re-enactions should be performed with live ammunition. That's the only way I can "make sense" out of the whole affair. Nuff said.

PPS. This would be a good time to discuss the "Dr. Greg" LOGO on my T-shirts. But too late for that, too...
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