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Mouse story

Hadn't ridden the G/S in a while before today - so checked it over, topped up the battery, aired the tires, brushed off the new patina, warmed her up and off I went. About thirty miles up the highway there was a brown furry thing scuttling around the idiot lights and over the speedo!!!

What the hell!!!???

I watched in amazement (and missed my turnoff as a result) as it tried to tight wire rope its way to somewhere else and launched to the highway.

My thought was it came from the mouse hotel, worked its way along under the tank, then up onto the instrument panel. The theory proved correct a little while later after removing the air filter to find the nest - and four little ones as well!

Stuffed the nest material in a pop can along with them (doubt they'll last long, but who knows?) and cleaned out the mess. Hard to believe the bike ran normally with all that garbage in there!

So now I'm trying to figure out the best way to prevent a recurrence - especially since checking the other bikes in the shed, finding three more mouse nests. All those filters shot to hell!!!!

Any suggestions how to prevent this in the future? Zip tie some screen over the intake snorkels? I've heard moth balls works. What have you done that worked?
Wanted: Dead, smashed, crashed or trashed gauges
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