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Sounds good, let's go!
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Originally Posted by Throttlemeister View Post
Ready for the ride along

Not that it matters after the job is done but surely that Sherpa has got shim over buckets like its big brother KLR They should be something like 23mm diameter where the shim under bucket is around 6-9mm like my little bmw sixfidy uses. I got a KLR or two in the shed

Have a good ride John I'd take a 250 down South.
Hi Seņor Throttlemeister,

Glad to have you along for the ride!

The Sherpa has 7.48mm baby shims under bucket just like your mule. I used the KLR video for disassembly procedure since I don't have a service manual and some Sherpa specific photos over on to figger the shim under bucket part all out. It wasn't too hard. Luckily they have a chart over at:

for doing the math for figuring out what mm thickness shims you need from how many thou tight you are so you don't order the wrong shim size. Math was never my strong suit.

You write a damn fine ride report. Have enjoyed reading about your travels immensly. I'll go over and hug your bike and reassure it Papa's coming down soon if I make it over to Venezuela and it's still down there.

John Downs
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