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guys, thanks for the clarifications. So a tubeless tire can be patched from the inside. So, right now the tire is patched with 2 patching sticky strings side by side. And it seems to hold air. It got us 50 kilometers from the middle of nowhere in a beautiful mountain pass, to this little town called San Juanito. From here to Chihuahua there are areound 250 kilometers.
Now, should I try to reach Chihuahua with the current patching (on the reasoning that if it held air for 50 kilometers it will hold for 250 kilomteres)? Or should I try first to find a guy in San Juanito that knows what he's doing and patch it from the inside?

@Tom: thank you for the list. I was finding online and writing down some of them as well.

@Bill: the tire was practically brand new :( just changed it in Fresno and was looking strong. It was a Michelin Anakee 2, as the previous one (which held for 12000 miles). The balde was part of a metal piece of equipment I guess. Very strange looking, courvy, likfe a quarter of a circle and 1.5 inch wide. It was all in when I stopped. the air was leaking but slowly so I stopped when I felt something was wrong in the back.

Despite all this, I just wanted to add that we are having a great time here in Mexico. The scenery is gourgeous and people have been very friendly so far. We hope to meet nice people from here on as well.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I guess tomorrow I'll head out towards Chihuahua.
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