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Originally Posted by AnjinSan View Post
... So, right now the tire is patched with 2 patching sticky strings side by side. And it seems to hold air. It got us 50 kilometers from the middle of nowhere in a beautiful mountain pass, to this little town called San Juanito. From here to Chihuahua there are areound 250 kilometers.
Now, should I try to reach Chihuahua with the current patching (on the reasoning that if it held air for 50 kilometers it will hold for 250 kilomteres)? Or should I try first to find a guy in San Juanito that knows what he's doing and patch it from the inside?...
Hi Alex. Sorry to hear about your misfortunes but things could be worse. You'll find that you will hear two very polarizing answers to your question. Some people simply will not use a patched/plugged tire. Others will ride on one until the treads starts showing. I am of the latter camp. I have ridden thousands of kilometers on an array of plugged tires without any issue. As a matter of fact right now I am on a rear that has over 6,500 kilometers on it after being plugged on the side of the highway in a remote area in Colorado. :)

So my vote is for you to keep a close eye on the tire. Check the pressure with the same gauge under similar conditions. What I mean by that is if you are checking the pressure in cold always check it in cold. You should be doing this daily but I sometimes fail to heed my own advice. If the tire is not losing pressure for a day or two you can safely ride it to where you can either path or replace. Being that it's such a new tire I'd go with patching.

Once you get the tire patched from the inside you should be set. The patch will become part of the tire and you shouldn't have any issue for the remainder of the life of the tire. That, of course, is right before it snags a nail.

Good luck my friends and I'm glad you are having fun.
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