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Are the float bowl gaskets in good condition? If the holes are very compressed, damaged or too rounded then they can let too much air into the "choke" aux starter system, making it too lean and difficult to start.

If you get lucky, you may avoid lots of time and money via a quick inspection or change 'em if they're old anyhow.

Originally Posted by Motobins tips and tricks
Found at Motobins home page.....Cold Starting Problems can often be cured by replacing your old float chamber gaskets unless they provide a really air-tight seal around the choke fuel pick-up tube, the fuel level in the auxiliary chamber will not be raised, and the cold start mixture will not be further enriched during initial operation. The Auxiliary Carburettor itself can often become loose, so being by-passed and ineffective; the resultant air leak will also promote 'surging' at about 40 mph on a small throttle opening change the gasket every few years, and make sure the screws are really tight.
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