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hey guys,
I've done about 1500km (1000miles) on my 2012 GS. Love the bike, but I think I'm going to go deaf. I simply cannot believe that any screen could be so bad! Well, sorry, the MRA Vario Touring was worse, so that's bs. Yeah, OK, why did I buy the bike without test riding it first? Well, I rode a friend's bike for at least 30 minutes at speeds up to 90mph. There was some buffeting but it was bearable. Maybe it was a perfectly still day, because the slightest cross wind induces a deafening low frequency boom. My two 5'9" friends think the screen is fine, but after a 2 hour ride my ears are ringing for a whole day like after a really loud rock concert - this is with custom made ear plugs. I've already got some tinnitus and this isn't helping. Apart from trying a new screen, I bought a new helmet - a Shoei XR1100 (I think that might be RF in the States). Boy, what a disaster that turned out to be!!!! It's worse than my old cheap helmet. Way worse.
So, I thought I was going to keep this bike for 10 years, and now I might have to sell it. Before you think I'm a pussy, I have been riding a CBR600 and I'm 53 years old. After an 800km day, my wrists, hips, knees, and backside ache intensely, but I put up with it. Ears are different.
The thing is, I'm just under 6' tall, so about average height. You'd think they'd make a screen for average guys. Not so. I've spent a lot of money already trying to solve the problem, and I can't keep throwing good money after bad. There's 100 pages of comments here, and I've read most of them. Clearly the screen is rubbish, but it's hard to find 2 people who agree on the effectiveness of any after market screen.
The Aeroflow gets some pretty good comments, but not 100% positive. I don't want the full Aeroflow touring screen, so is there a 6' tall guy out there who's got the Aeroflow sport fairing on a GS and thinks it's good? If so, what size screen have you got? I don't want an excessively tall screen as I don't want to look through the screen, but I don't want to buy the shortest one and find it doesn't work.
Your help will be sincerely appreciated. This is the bike's last chance.
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