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Doc - After all the reading you've done, the self guided tour is plenty. I suggest you start at Culp's Hill and orient yourself. Then move clockwise to the 'Angle' just below the crest of Cemetary Ridge. You can visualize Picket's Charge across Emmitsburg Pike from Seminary Ridge that foundered below the wall. Something like two miles of charge without cover.

From there you can move south to overlook the Peach Orchard. Then ride to both the Round Tops and the Devil's Den below them. I'd cross over to Seminary Ridge and work my way north examining where the Confederates launched from. You end up skirting nortwest of the town with plenty more to see and then into the town.

You should be able to get a battlefield map to help. I like to start around Culp's Hill because you can visualize the Union rush up the Baltimore Pike to dig in on Cemetery Ridge and set their artillery. After getting that done, they basically sat for three days moving units around to reinforce their lines wherever they were being assaulted from across the valley. Brutal!
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