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try identitape

After seeing a picture of some system cases in the ON magazine a few years ago, I decided to "tape" the back of my black system cases. I went to and got some of their 1"wide engineer grade reflective tape in white, yellow, red and blue. Using Scotch blue tape in 1"width, I taped up the cases on a 45 degree angle putting the tape right next to each other. After completely taping the case, I removed every other piece of tape and replaced it with white, in effect creating a black and white herringbone pattern. Red was put vertically where the case halves meet, and yellow was put in a herringbone pattern on the rear wheel little plastic fender. Creates quite the striking effect.
Later that evening I went for a ride to Walmart. On the way home, the car that was way behind me started flashing its lights from high to low beam repeatedly. Then the police spot light came on. He caught up with me at the next stoplight, rolled down his window and asked me if I was wondering what he was doing. He told me that he noticed my "reflective signature" was like a firetruck, but I was too small.
When I got home, I took my tactical flashlight and walked two blocks away and showed it on the back of the bike. Wow! It was so bright that you could not even see the license plate in the halo. An unanticipated daylight added feature is that people do not pull up nearly as close at stoplights as they used to, usually leaving at least a car length of space instead of pulling right up to me.Don't think they are really quite sure where the back of the motorcycle is. I like that a lot. Best part about the whole conversion is that the tape is only $7.00 a roll for 15 feet, costing me about $28.00 or so for a lot of added day and night safety.
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