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Originally Posted by ozmoses View Post
They do seem to prefer the flat filters!

I'm wondering why?

Given all of the other nesting...opportunities available in my garage, what is so appealing about the filter of a cold hunk of metal sitting motionless over the winter?

One year, there was an affinity for the bell housing of my F-150; two clutches in as many months!

Not quite as cute as Beverly Cleary portrayed them.

Thus far, the 1/4" has repelled them; also effective against flying squirrels invading the attic!
Probably because most of the round filter bikes have a grating on the air intake from the factory, except the last year which doesn't.
I had a 79 R65 that had the round filter and no grating. I bought it from a guy who had it stored under a tarp on his porch for more than 10 years. There was a whole city of mice living under the starter cover on that one.
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