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Thursday 9/6
Still under a cool hazy sky, but dry. We started out riding some very small local roads that meandered through wooded areas and pastures. Although the roads can be rough and are not really conducive to spirited riding, they do offer a real view of the region and life off the beaten path.

The wife and I were joined by another rider, I meet in ’07, on an Alps tour, and this was his 3rd MC trip in Europe. After stopping to fuel up, I hear the other bike popping and spitting. Immediately I suspected a big Oops, I suspected he filled with Diesel!!

Now this may seem silly and stupid, but in Europe, where most of the cars are diesel, almost all pumps dispense both “sans plumb” and “gasoil” there is no color coding, and unlike the US, the nozzles are the same size, names like Shell V-Power, apply to both too. It must be fairly common, because many stations have a BIG metal plate on the back of the handle that says DIESEL!

So I keep moving until I spot a garage, as I know if he stopped, it would by iffy if his bike restarted. We pulled in and looked in the tank, sure enough it smelled a little like diesel, I took out my siphon hose and dipped it in the tank, then put a drop on the warm valve cover where it did NOT evaporate instantly…..sure enough “gasoil”. He was greeted by a young mechanic and communicated his problem, they had him roll the bike up to one of the bays and the kid showed up with a bucket and 12v pump to drain the tank. He refilled with “sans plumb” and after grinding the starter for a bit, the bike sputtered spit, popped and finally fired. He asked what he owed them, and they said nothing! He pitched the kid some cash, which he seemed surprised to get, but accepted. All in all just a 45 minute delay and back on the road.

We stopped for a nice lunch along a lake, the fish and soup was good!

Still plagued by overcast and hazy skies that would do the Blue Ridge proud, no picks of the day. I promise I will make up for it as we move along.

Our Hotel was on Lac d’Annecy, purported to be the cleanest lake in the Alps.

Sunset at the Hotel.

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