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F800GS "Drop-In" Fork Replacement?

After literal days (I have a lot of downtime right now) of searching for solutions to the problem posed by the supposedly poor front forks on the F8, I'm well and truly stumped about what to do when I pick mine up (in about 90-days' time): for quite some time, I had planned to get a second set of Shiver 45s from an Aprilia and follow Gangplank's "tutorial" for that mod to provide adjustable, quality suspension up front.

Then those tricky Krauts changed the size of the front forks (and made them SMALLER at that!).

So I looked at and inquired about both the Bitubo and Traxxion cartridge mods, seeing whether they would be made to fit the new, smaller fork inner diameter. Answers were vague, and at $200-$700 more for the fix than what Gangplank managed to eke out with his conversion, the fix is outside of my original budget (but not out of the question; the suspension matters to me).

I know that there are loads of people in the forums who know a great deal more about suspension than I do, and I'm hoping they can help. My question is this: Is there a way to simply take a full set of fully adjustable donor forks off of another bike and use those? I realise that there'll likely be some machining involved with the feet in order to accommodate mounting the wheel and brakes, but surely there must be an easier way to fix this problem than with all of the aftermarket mods to the cartridges and caps that seem to only produce marginal results. Are there other forks that will fit in the F8's triples?

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