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Originally Posted by chasbmw View Post
What did 'starter serviced' consist of?

Were the bushes replaced? The bushes are the bearings that the stater shaft runs in, if they are worn then the starter will run very slowly under load, especially when the bike is cold.

The easy solution is a new Valeo starter from euromotoelectrics, and if you are really cheap then the generic Valeo copy from the same source.

I don't think that your stater problems have anything to do with your diode board

Also make sure that you choke cables are properly adjusted so the choke works properly.
Thanks Charles, the auto electric guys could not find a fault and I also checked it, Brushes were good as new at about 14mm long if I remember, front bush was a bit worn and was replaced, replaced solinoid. It was tested with load and was good.
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