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Your cylinders look great, at least in my limited experience. I've pulled the cylinders off maybe 4-5 airheads, and the cylinder walls have always looked like the picture you posted. What I've been told is that those "swirls" are the factory honing marks. Maybe someone else can jump in and tell me if that's true. I pulled the cylinders off my old RS with 100k and the cylinder walls looked brand new. I thought that was so impressive.

I was always told to reassemble the pistons into the cylinders dry, but again, this was years go and someone with far more experience may want to jump in on reassembly. I did not hone the walls, simply installed new rings and put the pistons back into the cylinders and buttoned everything back up.

What's great bout these motors is they are extremely easy to work on. Plus this forum helps to make it even easier.

Just for fun, ask what kind of oil you should use..........just kidding! Starting a dreaded oil thread cn be dangerous!
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