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Current Market Value of Airheads-fair?

In the last year or two I've noticed prices of airheads seemingly go through the roof, and I don't get it.

Recent examples, R100GSPD's in average condition, fair milage, and no extras, for $7,500 advertised. R80G/S, stock w/o bags, average condition, $8,500. ( no bags, stock tank, not PD tank ) I totally get that R80G/S's are currently hot, rare and all that. Another R80 G/S, w/o matching numbers, plain Jane, $8,000. All these examples stock suspension, shocks, etc.

Basic airheads, R100's, have asking prices north of $5,000. A 78 R100s - $7,500. Even R75's are listed $4,000 plus.

Seems like the floor price for an average airhead is $4000.

I'm bringing this up because it seems that only a few years ago the range for airheads was much lower. A decent R90 or R100, with a little searching, could be had for $2,500-$3,500.

In all fairness airheads are not rare. It's fairly easy to find just about any model for sale on any given day. There's lots of airheads out there compared to say Norton's or classic Ducati's. The people who collect them make up a fairly small fraternity.

Don't get me wrong, I love BMW airheads, simple to work on and a sense of soul. But also, weak, rubbery frames, poor brakes, weak and somewhat unreliable charging systems, and poor suspension.

When I see an average R100GS go for more then a good used R1150GS I just don't get it.

So am I totally wrong here. Are the current prices fair and in keeping with the market? How is it that airheads have gone up so much in price given the horrible economy? What am I missing?
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