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Originally Posted by what car?? View Post
I'm already down here in Guatemala. Was planning on leaving last year, kind of like you mentioned; one thing led to another and a year later I finally left. I'm on a KTM990, and after having to pick it up out of the mud and a few other times, makes me think about when I had my KLR, though that's still a heavy bike. I'm not loaded up like some people either, though I did bring more than I needed. First trip like this though. Felt like I was leaving quite a bit behind compared to what I have seen, but still more than I need perhaps.

It's funny how the preparation gets you bogged down. Finalizing all those last minute details. Finally I said F~it man, I gotta go or I'm not getting out of here. I'm your neighbor the west, Colorado. I'll keep an eye out for you so we can share a beer or two . I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it to SA this time or not. There are some time slots that already have been filled in December for Nicaragua and possibly back in Guate for the first of the year, she is a wonderful gal though!

I love my bike and do take it places I wonder about sometimes. I guess when picking it up more than 6 times in a day might convince me that a mini bike would be better .... Keep in touch and let's have a beer!

what car??
aka Juan
Hola Juanito,

A 990 is a fine bike for Latin America. Especially out on the long lonely road. I would get in trouble with that much throttle. I stick to riding slow bikes fast. It's almost as much fun. Well okay, until a 990 flies by and I twist my right wrist like Pavlov's dog and there's nothing there.

I know what you mean about getting bogged down in details before you leave. I'm there now. Thankfully I started this report early and have Crashmaster around to remind me to get out of Dodge NOW!

Thanks Vince by the way.

Anyway I look forward to seeing you down the road. I'm sure we'll run into each other coming and going somewhere.

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