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Prep Work

So far....
I have fatten the handle bar,
enlarged the gas tank,
installed the center stand,
changed the seat,
shelled out for TM40,
opened up the airbox,
caned the stock can,
and got me a cool can.
and finally...
a beautiful black rack.

My belly burns as the time approaches.
Day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment,
I am torn between the elated optimism to
unbearable anxiety.

I wanna be on the road, but I need to tight this last bolt.
There"re always more of these last bolts.
A great American playwright once illustrated as
the Hero steps out for the journey.
His bag flung over his broad shoulder,
his eyes scan vast wilderness in front of him.
And he drops his bag on the ground,
kneels, undo his shoe lace. tightens the right shoe firmly.
He checks the other shoe, undo, tightens, checks.
Maybe dig through his bag,
looking for some other trivial shit.
You get the idea......

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