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only crummy $20 camera pics from me from me Marty, sorry thanks for checking in though

This was one of the places the guys hit deep water last year, was just a trickle so no wet boots.....

don't remember where this was, but if there was a way up to the top of that hill we were there shortly

nice road, wind must have been blowing dust off quickly

we hauled but on this road, it was fairly rock free for a change and we were making time late in the afternoon

this was a hill that we had come down the 1st day, of course the pic doesn't show the gnar, But Mike had asked me the 1st day if I thought I could get the KLR back up it. No problem other than I had a clogged filter foam and was riding using 1/4 throttle trying to beat nightfall so didn't want to fuss with it.

this one was a classic case of picking the wrong line, doesn't look like much but there was a shelf right there, the good line was on the right,

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