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Originally Posted by pcwirepro View Post
I still don't see how the motor can run as well as it did on the secondary. Where is that thing in the cylinder? Near the bottom? Also, if the primary was not firing would the compute have leaned out or enriched the mixture to compensate?
I guess it runs as well as it does on one plug because the air-fuel charge is getting ignited. Relative the the piston, its sitting at the side of the chamber. On my plane which had dual mags and plugs, shutting off half the plugs didn't due much but result in a drop in rpm.

If it didn't misfire the Motronic won't do much that's different. If it does misfire, there will be lots of oxygen in the exhaust since the fuel didn't burn which will lead to the Motronic adding fuel. Eventually it is likely to burn in the catalytic converter, making it very hot and possibly damaging it. Happened on my '02 Xterra after some squirrels ate a plug lead.
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