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Originally Posted by Bluethumb View Post
I've not done a google search as suggeseted. I have looked Craiglist locally, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and prices are pretty much as I described. Looking at ads on marketplace also shows prices like I described.

I do hear your point, which is reasonably priced airheads are still to be had. It's just not what I'm seeing. There's a nice '82 R100S in the Autin Craiglist for $3,750, which seems pretty reasonable. Yet, if the splines are worn, rubber bad, needs the top end refreshed, you could be looking at two grand easily. The same Craiglist has a R100R for $6,000 and a 81 R80g/s for $8,000.

I know all that can be said about any item is worth what the market will pay. And just because a bike is advertised for "x" amount of money that doesn't mean that s what it will sell for.

But with that said, every market has its price range, be it Mopar cars, Rolex watches, or antique Chinese vases.

Still seems to me the airhead market has jumped out of proportion in the last few years. Example, four years ago I sold my 84 R80G/S for $5,800. PD tank, stock tank, Corbin dual seat, NOS solo seat and rack, 1,000 cc upper end plus stock cylinders, Works shock, oil cooler, Jesse bags, extra set of very nice wheels, etc., etc. and although I got my asking price, it took me awhile. Now I see a bone stock R80G/S, plain Jane, for $8,500. That's a big jump in 4 years, during a severe recession. Other G/S's listed for similar prices.

We, on this forum, make up the market in a sense. So I'm curious, from all of you out there, what is the market value for airheads?
you need to do a national search to obtain a more accurate snap shot. airheads go from super rare to common depending on where.

don't use R80G/S as gauge as it's one of the three most desirable of all airheads. along with R90S and R69S.

prices for above three leaves all other modern airheads behind. now days a plain ole R80G/S goes for $6k-$8k. frame-off restored G/S routinely bring $10k+. not unusual for low mileage R90S and R69S bring 10k+.

have seen folks asking $8,500 for a high miles G/S and getting it. trashed out G/S are known to get sold on Flea for $5,500+.

anyways... prices for above three are completely different from all other modern airheads. 77 R100RS with 70hp but still only bring $3500-4500. same for R100S...
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