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This is just my experience ...

Originally Posted by vintagerider View Post
It's what Liz said. Better title for this thread: "Early style 11xx pump plate" The '93-'94 had the early style pump plate. Upgraded in '95-'96. Identified by one electrical bulkhead. Not sufficient power capacity on those thin wires for the oem style pump. There should be a separate ground wire (brown) with a connector. Pull the pump plate. Time to refresh internal fat hoses anyway. Pump with have a date code. Probably marginal and should be replaced. Pop off the suction screen, rotate impellers, looked for broken ones, check bearings. In a pinch, clean/reassemble might restore svc temporarily but risk of engine damage from too lean (low pressure). Read crackhead's pump thread. The 69222 Bosch requires less current.

Heavy green: pump battery pos

Heavy brown: pump ground, pump motor grounded to pump plate also.

Vintagerider, et al, hi!

We agree, based on the age of the bike, and that it most likely had the plastic tank, there should be that big thick brown wire that comes off the bulkhead, and goes to the negative side of the battery (to the best of my recollection). There is an inline connector in that thick brown wire. The wire ends in the connector loosen up, and the connector isn't making good contact.

How do I know this, you ask? The bike died on Interstate 80, just coming into Indiana, from Illinois, at one in the morning. After pushing the 700 pound bike on the slight uphill for what seemed like miles, I found a lighted place I could take the bike apart. Long story short, when I fiddled with that connector the pump worked and bike started up. I jury rigged the connector and that kept the bike running fine.

A couple of years later, when I was swapping pumps, I found out the ground inside the tank, goes to the bulkhead, which is where the big brown wire goes to on the outside. If that big brown wire isn't grounding to the battery, the pump isn't going to run. At least that's my opinion. The metal tank bikes all have a different ground, I believe.

Again, this is just my own experience.

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