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So how far south of Mexico can you go before sport bikes should be left at home & you really need more versatility on the average roads that a DS would provide?

Ok, long rant but after reading all 10,5XX posts in the thread I'll chime in too.

Ya, white guy from Alabama... But go ahead and shelf the racial pretenses if you possibly can.
Is Mexico safe? Hell... It's safer than here!?!

Birmingham, Alabama is a city of LESS than 90,000 inhabitants. The vast majority are black. However, the "metro" area of Birmingham is a little more than a million population wise. (white-flight). So here's the thing... How in hell does a city of less than 90,000 people have one of the highest number of murders of any city in the last 5+ years?
I DID NOT SAY MURDER RATE as in murders:population. I said flat out number of murders!? It was only just in 2005 AND 2006 that the sole city of Birmingham, Alabama had more murders for the first quarter of those years than New York City, Chicago AND WATTS (in L.A.) COMBINED!? (>100 murders per year on a sub 100,000 population...) And that wasn't including two smaller cities (suburbs of Birmingham) which also have a bad history of having ridiculous murder rates.

Ok so put Birmingham aside. I live in a beautiful little suburbs. Very friendly. A town of about 4,000 people outside of a small city of around 15,000 (about 20 miles outside of Birmingham. Of corse if I keep going another 20 miles away from birmingham it's not the gang-bangers that are the issue. It's stereotypical white trash running meth labs...). VERY noted for the insane number of churches (and very large churches). VERY nice and friendly place. And yet after school one day a neighbor comes over trying to beat our door down & break into our house!? Get's in the house & my dad goes wrestling with him. I have to go pull one of my damn .30-30 lever action hunting rifles out of the closet and run the lever in his face to freeze him... (Cha-Chick baby!)

Fast forward a couple years. At the time (Freshman in college) I was 5'6, in great shape, but only about 130# soaking wet. We're out having a good time and this little gang-banging thug get's put off when my buddy won't let him dance with his date. And I do mean little (he was shorter than I was). Everybody has a good time, forgets all about it. We walk out of the club and he jumps out and plunges a knife in my friend's stomach, I run up behind him as he's falling back & catch him, turning around. Guy slashes my lower back 3 times & takes off. Of corse "nobody saw nothin"... So lets go over this situation. A 6'3 220lb (really well over that) outside linebacker on scholarship to a university in the south (we take our fooseball serious!) get stabbed to death by a guy about 5'5 in one big stick in the stomach.... Despite the fact that three out of five of us in our group (including him) had years of basic first aid training (boy scouts), AND that we were 3 blocks from one ER, FIVE blocks to a level-1 trauma ER and seven from another ER that was had a level-1 trama center. He goes into shock and dies before he's even on the gurney.

The MOST uncomfortable "unsafe" feeling place I've ever been in my life is Belize. By a mile too! But I never got hassled. Never strange looks, glaring or anything that'd even put me in "condition orange". I've been throughout the carribbean on cruises, never felt unsafe... Been all across the US & never felt unsafe. Been up and down the east coast of Mexico (cruises & car trips) never felt unsafe. And I never stay in the tourist "compounds" they're building everywhere. I'd still rather walk around Belieze with a rifle at night before I walked Birmingham any hour of the day without a pistol...
If somebody wants to shoot you, you're going to get shot. It's that simple.

So where is anybody ever "safe"? I stay my pasty white butt out the hood in Birmingham just like I stay out of the shady spots anywhere else. The only difference in Mexico and the US is at least in *some* parts of the US you can carry without too much hassle (and that is changing...) Do what my very smart grandfather always said, "You can't outsmart everybody, but you can out-dumb anybody". There is no limit to how aloof and inept you can pretend to be. Dumb people can act smart, but smart people are much better at acting dumb...
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