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Originally Posted by mikegc View Post
Like def, I tin the wires going into the Centech. Just before going on the Trail of Tears ride a few weeks ago, I was going over the machine with a torque wrench just checking things out. For some reason, I decided to check the screws on the Centech and almost all of them were loose after three years of riding around.

+1, this is a compression fitting that came loose over time. When you don't tin the wires, vibration can cause some strands to escape the screw's compression, lessening the compression of the rest. Once the resistance starts to build up the result is what you see. Personally I'm not a fan of that type of connection in applications where there's vibration.

If you tin the leads which is better, there is a weak spot where the tinning stops, avoid sharp bends like below. Make sure the wires are tie-wrapped zso they don't move.

Also, only one wire per terminal.

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