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I look at the pricing you have to pay in the USA and drool. Here on the Wet coast of Canada, we see prices much higher. I have purchased many airheads in Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho for less than 1/2 what they sell for here in Canada. Even after including my gas and lodging to go get them and doing the importation process. I stick to the pre-1985 models. Most of those I have purchased have what I consider very low miles for the year. Anything under 75,000 miles is low to me. But I put on a tleast 20-30,000 miles each year.

Up here, a heavily used, high mileage 77-80 R100RS will sell for at least $5-6000. A really nice one in almost showroom condition sold last month in Vancouver for over $12,000.

A part of the high cost of airheads in Canada is that we have a lot less of them, and those we do have are ridden a lot. It is very normal to see 30 year old bikes with over 200,000 miles on them. Some are really well taken care of and polished every week, while others are lucky to see a real bath once a year. But we ride the heck out of them and eventually wear them out.
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