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I have the F658GS and have cut the (shorter to begin with) screen all the way down to "just-above-the-mounting-screws". I did it in several sessions trying to get my helmet in clean air... I ended up cutting it all the way down in order to get there... I'm about 6' 1" and have a seat that is about 1" thicker than stock.

The very short screen is very quiet, and I don't mind the extra pressure on my chest while slabbing it....
Living in the mid-Atlantic we don't have super cold temps.... I am planning a long ride to west coast in next year or two and wonder about the fatigue factor going across the windy plains .... not sure how big an issue that is ... or if a tall screen would actually help anyway... no experience with either... anyway....

At 6' 4" you could probably have a bit more screen and still have your helmet in clean air...

I would probably have tried putting the top piece back on ... had I thought of it ....
Hmmmmmmmmmmm I may have the cut off piece still in the garage.

One good thing about Maddstad (unless they have changed their policy) is that you can send the screen back for a full refund if you don't like it. Also, you can apparently pop of the plastic screen fairly quickly and either leave it behind a tree or lash it to your topcase for off-road riding.

The Aeroflow looks pretty "voluptuous" in the pictures ... are the "bubbles" that pronounced in real life?
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