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a tool for seating the pushrods seals, but...
No no no. That tool is from the old days and shouldn't be used anymore. It doesn't "reseat" the seals, it is designed to move the ring on the pushrod tube that presses against the seals. Used to be, that ring was a press fit. Sometime in the '80's it became brazed on to the pushod tube. The "tool" now moves the entire pushrod tube, loosening it'd fit in the head. At any rate, it is not a good idea because you end up pushing the ring against a worn out seal-- the ring then won't be in the correct position when you put the new seal in.

Better to go ahead and replace the worn pushrod tube seal. And checkthe proper distance of the ring in case someone has thwacked it with that awful tool.

And the bike has aftermarket (?) gaiters on the forks. Good deal-- I've never been a fan of nekkid fork tubes, exposed to stones and bugs.

If you want a fairing for poor weather, consider a Hannigan. It was originally designed and made in Canada, and is period-correct for BMW from the '60's to well past the '90's. Got one on my /5.

It can even be painted purple...
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